How to update the theme for online store 2.0 ?
If you want to update the Lezada theme to version online store 2.0, all you need to do is copy two folders (templates & config) from the current theme you are using right now and then go to your updated theme and replace these two folders (templates, config) with the ones that copied from your current theme.

For more help, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: First, you need to download lezada update file from ThemeForest.

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Step 2: Unzip the downloaded file

unzipped file

Step 3: Now download your current theme from your store

How to download a theme, you can check details here -
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Step 4: Unzip your downloaded zip file

Step 5: Open the curren-lezada folder

Step 6: Copy the templates and config folder

Step 7: Now go to the updated lezada file

1. Open the update lezada folder

2: unzip the file

3: Open the folder "Install-lezada-vx-x-x-online-store-2.0"

4: Delete 2 folders (templates and config)

Step 8: Paste the copied folders from the current-lezada file

Step 9: Now select all the folders and compress them into a single zip file

Step 10: Now upload the zip file to your online store

1. Add theme

2. Add File

3. Upload file

Step 11: Publish your theme (Done)

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